Dr. Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 3.5


1 year ago

Just okay


Sulphate and paraben-free

Cleans well

Turmeric extracts

Dr. Batra's products are all prepared with a special formulation enriched with natural ingredients and also made with keeping in mind the type of skin and requirements. This was a new face wash that I saw online and wanted to try out. The texture is just like any other face wash. It does cleanses the skin well. There is instant glow after the wash but it fades away in some time. Plus, there is slight drying after few hours. You need to immediately apply a moisturizer after you wash off. The smell is really good and very uplifting. I guess this face wash will be more suitable for people with oily skin. The packaging is also okay but I feel the tube comes half empty compared to the size of the package. Very less quantity for the price charged. Overall, a alright product. Did not suit my dry skin. May be good for oily skin.

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