Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion Reviews

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1 year ago

Very Good Moisturizer


Non greasy formula

Light texture

Easily absorbs

Moisturizes well

Smooth skin

Nice fragrance

I have used boroplus body lotion during my teenage days. I used to like it then. After many years I saw this updated version of the body lotion with kesar. Boroplus Doodh Kesar Body Lotion is an ayurvedic formula infused with the goodness of Kashmiri Kesar. This lotion is very moisturizing and the main plus point is even a little amount is enough to cover the entire arms and legs. The texture is slightly thin and runny. It is very light and gets easily absorbed into the skin. The moisturization also stays for a long time without drying out. The kesar in this lotion acts as a brightening agent and helps to lighten the skin tone and reduce dark spots and blemishes. Overall, a good lotion and perfect for everyday use. It comes in a pump dispenser packaging and very easy to use.

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