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1 year ago

Not suitable for dry hair


Nice fragrance

Cleans scalp well

Assure Deep Cleanse Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo for oily hair. What I liked most about this shampoo is the ingredients that is enriched with lemon and thyme extracts. The shampoo has a nice fragrance. After the first wash, my scalp felt very clean. The shampoo was very soothing. The shampoo formed good lather and was also easy to wash off. The one good thing I found was this shampoo helped clear dandruff from my scalp. But after few hours of hair wash, my hair felt very dry. I personally felt that this shampoo was good for the scalp but not for my hair. It is more suitable for people with oily hair type. My hair being dry it did not suit me much. Also, this shampoo though has natural ingredients, it contains SLS which I do not prefer to use for my hair.

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