Assure Sun Defense SPF 30+ Cream Reviews

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1 year ago

Good Sunscreen Cream


Light and creamy

Absorbs well

Good packaging

Gives protection

Assure Sun Defense SPF 30+ Cream is a daily use sunscreen that will protect your skin from harmful radiations. It will prevent from causing tanning, sunburns or premature aging. It comes in a bright white and yellow packaging. The cream is white in color with a smooth texture. It is very easy to apply the cream and spreads easily on the skin. Though the cream claims to be non-oily, I feel it gives a bit of shine at the beginning. My skin being dry it gets absorbed. It may not be suitable for oily skin. It gives the protection that it claims. Plus, there are no side-effects with this cream. No irritation, no allergy. It has a faint fragrance which is not very pleasant. However, it does not matter much because it does not stay long. Overall, a good cream for basic sun protection.

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