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Avg Ratings : 4.2


1 year ago

Not Effective


Good Moisturizer

Soft smooth skin

Nice smell

Good packaging

Fade Out Advanced Whitening Night Cream is formulated with active natural ingredients that hydrates and brightens the skin in just 4 weeks. This night cream has a thick texture and creamy consistency. It feels very light on application. It is neither too oily nor greasy. It is very cooling to the skin. The cream has a nice pleasant fragrance and it does last long. It feels very nice to apply such soothing nice smelling product at night before sleeping. It penetrates deep into the skin and does hydrate the skin properly. However, there is no brightening or skin tone lightening. There is no difference in my blemishes. It also does not work on any pigmentation. It just makes the skin soft and smooth. Overall, I would say it is just a good moisturizer and does nothing more than that.

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