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1 year ago

Not Good


Pleasant fragrance

Applies evenly and smoothly

This time I wanted to try something new and that is why I bought Sleek Chocolate Wax. It also claims to remove tan and I wanted to try it. This wax comes in a nice convenient packaging with a lid that can be covered properly when not in use. The wax is slightly thick but still was very easy to spread. You can easily smell the cocoa as soon as you open the lid. While applying I could actually feel I am doing chocolate wax. The fragrance is heavenly. You can heat it up if you want. However, it is not very effective in removing hair completely. It only removes some part of the hairs. I have to reapply and redo 2-3 times to get some kind of satisfied result. It took a lot of my time and effort. Overall, I would not use it again - as the process was tiresome and also it did not even remove any tan from my arms.

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