The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Concentrate Reviews

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1 year ago

Natural shampoo


99% natural ingredients



Moisturizing and hydrating

Wow, The Body Shop’s Nutriganics Drops of Youth is a wonder ful product to make your skin look younger and glowing when you are ageing. This product has really done a good job on my face and my face looks so beautiful and younger than before.atahe consistency of this product is not watery.It is a soft texture and it gets absorbed to the skin easily.It does not make your skin sticky or greasy.aia usually use it before gingto bed and in the next morning I wake up with a refreshed feeling.his one definitely give your skin a shine and healthy look.The fine lines appear smoother as we use it regularly.The great advantage of this is that as any other Body Shop product is that it has no chemicals and free of parabens and silicon.The is so safe on the skin too as it is all natural ingredients and vegan too.I am big fan of bodyshop products. This has a mild fragrance and it lasts for along time.asaince only a two drops of serum is need for the whole face the bottle stays for a longer period. This product goes well for oily skin people as it gives a matte finish and for those who has dry skin they have to use a moisturizer too along with it..

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