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2 years ago




Suitable for sensitive skin

Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar is so familiar among the Indians.Its been a soap of generations.My family usually buys this soap Bar.Its really mild and lathers well.Lifebouy is so good for sensitive people.Its safe on them.My father had dry skin.But with this soap he never felt his skin dry.He was a great fan of this one.As it claims it creates the perfect balance between protection and care. We use this after bath to get rid of dirty get rid of germs and dirt without being harsh it is harsh on impurities and bacteria. This soap is excellent for everyday use. Its fragrance is so mesmerizing.It lingers for hours even after your body wash.Even doctors prescribes this for fight against germs. The soap works well in hard water as well giving a good lather. This is perfect for adding a little lift to your day.It is refreshing to the mind and mood.Will definitely buy again. I love it so much!.This soap's scent is amazing.

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