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1 year ago

Good one




was not able to take care of hair for sometime due to my busy schedule of office and back home with kids.Thus dandruff and itchy scalp was an issue for me.My hair started to shed like leaves in the autumn season.I badly wanted to do something.Then I got to know about lever sush anti dandruff neem Shampoo and effect is incredible.i been using it for a 3 weeks now and since then I can see a considerable amount of reduction in dandruff and itchy scalp.The neem contents in this Shampoo which is best known for its anti fungal properties works well with the dandruff.I am so happy with the hair now.Besides fighting against dandruff this Shampoo gives a Moisturizing effect and makes the hair nourished too.Most of the sha.poos I use uas sulphate and which causes more itchy scalp but this one is an exception.I can see there is less hair fall and it rather promotes hair growth.This has a very nice fragrance unlike the other anti dandruff shampoo which smells like dogs Shampoo with strong ordor.Thus is affordable for all.I recommend this for dandruff scalp.

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