Nivea Total Face Cleanup Face Wash Reviews

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1 year ago



Removes blackheads

Makes skin clean and clear

Antibacterial formulation

Nivea Total Face Cleanup is the best face wash is the best face washes i have ever used. This is a magical face was which makes the skin soft and cleaned in no time. This does not make the skin dry and irritated.It lathers well and makes the skin soft and plump in the regular use of this face wash.I just love the nice fragrance of this face wash.It is so lovely and mesmerising and boosts your mood I no time.I love wash my face with this wash in the morning and after my office. It is a highly need one in the pollutant environment.It removes all the impurities from the face and also removes the blackheads. I am using this shampoo for a month now and I can hardly see any breakouts on the face after the wash. It even cleaned the pores deeply. My complexion has become flawless and even coloured now. This is quite affordable for me and available at all the stores. I highly recommend this one for everyone and it is travel-friendly pack. This face wash cleans out the excess oil from the skin and hydrates it well..

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