MAC 137 Long Blending Brush Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.2

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1 year ago

Does a good job


100% synthetic brush

Suitable for all skin types

Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested


Loosely-packed fluffy brush

Effortless application

Apt for applying blush

No shedding

My aunt who runs a salon has a collection of brushes and she says this MAC Long Blending Brush – 137 MAC an ultra-soft tapered brush meant for a light dusting of pigmented powder on the face is really awesome. The bristles does not shed so easily. The silky tapered brush made from natural fibers flawlessly provides a wash of color. This brush is hand-crafted for superior quality and longevity. It actually does as it claims .Will definitely recommend. She sys though she discovered the Mac 137 recently and she happy she did so. It really is a very unique and versatile brush that stands out among the other brushes in her collection. She says she has tried many brushes brands but as the MAC brand has its quality this brush has lot let her down. The long length of the bristles, combined with the loosely packed hairs and pointed tip made it ideal diffusing colors in a somewhat precise manner. The bristles are natural hairs and are extremely soft, flexible, and conical. Because of the conical shape that comes to a point, it's really great at applying my highlight without being too pigmented or glittery. She says this brush is also a really great brush for applying very pigmented blushes. Overall, I would say that this brush is a really great tool if you're looking to achieve a soft and natural finish of pigmented This brush makes it easier to focus product on any given area. This brush is on the pricier side, but when you see the ay the brush works,then the price is worth it. It really is a high quality brush that is made to last.This bristle doesnot a fall off even if you wash it many times. I highly recommend this brush and will continue to use it.MAC always has the best quality brushes. I use this brush at least 3 times a week. I have oily skin and this works well with it, satisfied with this product..

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