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2 years ago

unbelievable product



Impeccable grip



Soft bristles

No shedding

Faces Mascara And Eyebrow Brush is the best one of the products I have ever used. This is got as a complimentary gift in participating in a contest.I been using it for a month now and this is such a nice eyebrow cum mascara brush. This is so handy and travel friendly. This product is so affordable also but when you see the quality and how handy it is the price is not a lot. This brush one side is for defining lashes and other for grooming brows. The brush is made of high-quality synthetic quality. It is easy to wash and clean and lasts for long. The brush does not shred easily. It grooms the eyebrows well and such a travel-friendly brush and can get the brows and eyelashes grooms well on the go. The bristles of this brush very soft for easy application of the brush. The brush is affordable and its availability is an issue though available online very well. I would recommend this brush is a must one for everyone in the makeup kit as it is very handy. This is my favorite brush and such a nice one.

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