The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel Reviews

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1 year ago

Extremely impressive


Lathers well,nice fragrance ,moisturizes skin well

My daughter who us of ten years old loves to use shower gel than soaps.When it comes to my kids I always prefer the best quality ones.When I was told about The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Shower Gel, which is a soap free and cruelty free products I dint have to think twice.I immediately got this from the store.The price of this product is also affordable when you compare the quality of the product.This is purely a soap-free shower gel This shower gel lathers well and she usually use it with loofah.This is so gently on the kids skin and moisturises it well. The powerful effect of green tea on the skin is well established and this content on this shower gel makes the product stand out.The fragrance it has is so rejuvenating to the mind.The shower gel does a through cleaning without irritating the skin. It moisturizes without drying and is suitable for all skin types. We need to use only a pea nut size of it and thus this product lasts for a long time so it's worth the money too.

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