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1 year ago

comfortable one


Best quality material and technology used

Fluid control mechanism

Good absorption

When it comes to intimate hygiene am very choosy about the products to buy and I don’t choose sanitary napkins based on the cost, design and packaging. I tried a few available in the market but noting gave me the comfort I wanted. Some pads I used was not at all hygiene and leaked on all sides and was very embarrassing. Then I tried VWash Sanitary pads, it is very comfortable and prevents staining. There is hardly any irritation or foul order. It gives dry feeling throughout and tension free during that period. V wash Sanitary pads are super absorbent and high-quality pads. These are made out of best quality material and technology and the difference is obvious. It does not irritate skin and is safe for people with sensitive skin. When it comes to VWash Sanitary pads I need not have to touch them down there to check leakage. I feel very confident in going out and do any kind of physical work. There is no rashes, irritations, infections and bruises. The pad is quite affordable and it is easily available in different shapes and sizes to suit each individual requirement..

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