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Vcare Goat Milk Soap is enriched with minerals, vitamins, lipids, proteins, and alpha hydroxyl acids. It improves complexion with its advanced fairness solution. It keeps the skin soft and radiant.

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Awesome soap Manju approves this product
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Makes skin soft and supple

Removes dead skin cells

Keeps the skin moisturized and nourished

Provides radiant glow

Lightens blemishes

My friend got this soap for her extremely dry skincare. She tried much medication and it all suppressed the issue for the time being but ad recurring effect. She happened it know about this product from an exhibition. She says she bought it immediately when she heard about its benefits on the dry skin and the ingredients list. She is been using this for a month now and its benefit on the skin is tremendous. Her dry skin issue is almost cured and becomes soft and radiant. This soap is formulated with all finest ingredients, which are helpful in treating the dry skin issue. It is useful to dry and sensitive people also. She is a person who never likes to go for medications and wants to cure it naturally as far as possible. It provides healthy and nourished skin. This soap is so gentle on the skin and deep cleanses. The dead cells are removed gently because of its lactic acid contents in the soap. She is been using this soap only since then and nothing else. She says this is so affordable and available in all stores. She strongly recommends it to all who have extremely dry skin and eczema.

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