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1 year ago

For overall health in women


Easily available


Fights Leucorrhoea

Reduces fatigue

Increases stamina

Dabur Supari Pak is a brilliant ayurvedic medicine for strengthening the immunity and for overall female health. My friend had issues with reproduction and she had a couple of miscarriage. Her ayurvedic physician prescribed this product. She is been using it for six months now. She says she had slight vaginal discharge too. This product on regular intake has cured the problem. Due to that, she was feeling very fatigued and exhausted, once the vaginal discharge is stopped all that is improved. This is the best medicine for almost all gynecological issues. It is available in all stores at a reasonable rate. Since it is ayurvedic there are no side effects known. This also helps to regulate the menstrual periods and flow. She says after taking regularly this product restores energy and maintains optimum health. It has properties of Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, etc. It helps to get rid of infections of reproductive organs and increase the hemoglobin level which helps to increase the blood. Sometimes it may be used during pregnancy to sustain it. This product treats issues mainly related to the female reproductive system. It is reasonably priced and available in all stores.

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