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1 year ago

nice one


Reasonable priced

This is an effective body wash, which is an effective one for refreshing the body. It as salicylic acid which is proven acne-fighting formula for treating the breakouts on the back, acne on the chest and shoulders. I have a friend who has acnes throughout her body and it has recurring even after taking medication. But since using this one her complexion has improved she has no more facing the breakouts and it becomes healthy and nourished. It lathers well so gives a fresh cleaning has only a slight fragrance, unlike other medicated body washes which are very strong. This one is suitable for all skin types and. It does not dry out the skin but for extremely dry skin, people have to be a little more careful in using this one as it might dry out their skin. It is a very expensive product. My friend recommends this to all the ones who have an acne problem and suffers a lot from this. She says this is the best ones she has used and it goes a long way. She is a happy customer of this product and would buy it again.

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