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1 year ago

strengthen the immune system


Ayurvedic medicine

Helps in strengthening the cognitive processes

Improves memory and learning ability

Contains antioxidants

Protects oxidative damage

Strengthens the immune system of the body

Provides relief from inflammation and treats ulcers

Dabur Brahmi Vati is the best ayurvedic medicine for treating stress, memory loss, depression, and anxiety. This medicine balances Vata and pitta doshas and good for maintaining blood pressure. The herbal ingredients like Brahmi, Black Pepper, Long Pepper, Embelia Ribes, Shilajit, Vang bhasma, Abhrak bhasma, Ras Sindoor is best for boosting memory and relieving the stress. Vanga bhasma is also good for treating headaches so overall this is good for providing good mental health. Since it as all herbal ingredients there are hardly any side effects reported. But interactions with medicines have to be checked. So before taking this medicine consultation with a doctor is advisable and it should not be taken in excess of the prescribed dosage. My neighbor was suffering from depression and stress it was leading to many health issues and after taking this medicine for a month there is seen a positive result and he is able to get good sleep and his anxiety and stress are almost reduced and he is much more happy and energetic. The medicine is available in all stores at a reasonable rate.

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