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2 years ago

convincing mask




When I wanted to buy a charcoal mask, my friend suggested me to use this Gemblue Biocare Charcoal Mask. I been using this for six months now and have no regrets so far. This has suited my face so well. It does not irritate or dry out the skin. My skin is sensitive but this is best for my skin. This deeply cleanses the impurities and gives an instant radiant glow. It also removes the blackheads and whiteheads thoroughly and makes my skin supple and soft. It hydrated my face and moisturizes it. The mask is easy to peel off. The presence of aloe vera brightens the skin instantly, making it look young and glowing. It also reduces the pores sizes and cools down the skin giving it a smoothening feeling. This in fact fixes all skin issues. I had acne and blemishes issues but regular use of this mask really eliminated many issues. The charcoal is best for removing the impurities from the skin.

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