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2 years ago

Essential Product


Provides soft.

Lightens tan.


Easily available.

Does not make you sweat.

My skin was all dull and tanned due to my tight work sight schedule. I was searching for a good sunscreen and then a friend of mine suggested me to use this Joy Sunscreen UV Protect and Whitening Lotion. She says it is a good product with broad Spectrum UV Filters with Licorice & Grape Seed Licorice. It helped her in reducing the suntan and hyperpigmentation blocking the production of melanin. I have been using this product for two weeks now and face has brighter and hydrated than before. It also reduced my acne and problem and gives a fresh and rejuvenated skin. This product has antioxidant properties and it also treated my wrinkles and fine lines. It gives my skin firm and youthful effect. This is sweat-free and it is lightweight so gets absorbed to the skin quickly. This is economical and available at most of the stores. I am happy to see my face which looks so radiant and flawless.,

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