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2 years ago

good for hair growth



I have been using this Oshea Phytogain Hair Vitalizer for a long time. This has made my hair grow strong and healthy from the roots. This even eliminated dandruff and hair fall thoroughly. This is the best vitaliser to get rid of the split ends and brittle air. The hair breakage due to thinning of hair is much reduced after using this vitaliser. The scent of this product is so mild. I love the effect it does to my hair. My hair is much moisturised and nourished. The hair looks voluminous and pretty. The rate of this vitaliser is quite affordable and the availability of this product is an issue. It also reduced the premature greying of my husband's hair. He had a couple of strands popping up but not more after using this vitaliser. This is a unisex product. I am so happy that my hair fall which was bothering me a lot since my delivery is gone down a lot and am so thankful for this product.

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