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1 year ago

For natural look


My cousin had severe hair fall which was uncontrollable. It used to fall like a hand full. After using Nihar Shanti Amla Hair Oil her hair control was controlled to a great extent. It contains rich vitamin E and it nourishes the hair so well. The hair looks so much moisturized and hydrated. She usually applies it in the night and leaves it overnight and the next day her scalp is so soft and healthy. The soft and smooth feeling it gives is so awesome. It also controls the premature greying of hair and gives it a very black and long hair. It stimulates the hair roots and started to regrow in thicj=k and lustrous way. The hair is no more dry and frizzy. It is quite manageable now. This oil has a very nice scent and herbals. It is safe for long term use since it has no harmful chemical ingredients in it.

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