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1 year ago

Good shampoo


Rich feel scalp cleanser is the best Shampoo for cleaning the dirt and from off the calp on a neat and mild way.It doesn't harm scalp and hair.It promotes the hair growth and make it lustrous.It improves the hair texture.It is suitable for all hair types too.I was so upset about my hair fall,but this Shampoo rescued my hair from going to bald headed.Since it has Trichologist formulated it does a thorough cleaning of the hair in a mild way without being harsh.It celandnthe hair follicles deep from the roots.Since it has no chemicals included it is safe for regular use.Since this shampoo lathers well we only needed a small amount of the shampoo and thus the quantity of this shampoo lasts for long.I love the fragrance if this Shampoo it is so natural smell.The shampoo is the best one for removing any dandruff and other scall issues related to the scalp.

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