VLCC Natural Sciences White and Bright Glow Gel Cream Reviews

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1 year ago

White and bright


Natural ingredients

Travel friendly packageing

Nice fragrance

Contains SPF 25 PA +++

No parabens

VLCC Natural Sciences White and Bright Glow Gel Cream is the best cream for brighten the skin. My skin was so dull and I was so depressed about the same. Going to the parlours and spending time for facials is not possible with my work schedule and two kids at home. Then a friend of mine suggested me to use this product. I got it at once and since the first week of its use itself, the change is so visible. The skin has rejuvenated and it has got its natural glow. I had uneven tones and that is all gone. It provides an instant brightens by reducing the suntans. Since it has SPF 25 PA+++, it is so beneficial that while going out we need to put on only one cream and can avoid the multiple creams on the face for moisturizer and another one for sunscreen.The way it moisturizes ad hydrates the skin is commendable. I am so happy with the product and it is recommended for all those who suffer from dry skin and loves to have a beautiful glowing bright skin.

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