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1 year ago

Orange goodness


Refreshing fragrance

Natural ingredients

Of all the orange gel I have used this Good Vibes Orange Gel is the best one and it suited my face so well. It is rich in vitamin C is good for the overall wellness of the face. It is lightweight and gets absorbed to the skin easily. It tightens the pores and acts as a good anti-ageing benefit.My skin was dull and very lifeless, but this orange gel has made it brighten and lighten it. There is also a better reduction in the acne issues I had before. The moisturising and the hydrating effect it does to my skin is commendable. I love to chill it before applying on to my face. It gives a relaxing effect and I love the awesome fragrance of this gel. The excess oil is all cleared and it removed the blackhead and whiteheads off he face. My skin looks even-toned and discolouration around my neck area which got after my delivery is all gone since I start using this one. The other part why I like this gel is because of its cruelty-free and Good Vibes Orange Gel is for all skin types, especially for dry and dull skin..

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