Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Mouthwash Reviews

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1 year ago

nice breath


Leakage-free bottle packaging

Does not contain alcohol

No burning sensation

Provides protection for 12 hours

Clean mouth

Active herbal ingredients

We family have been using Himalaya Herbals Complete Care Mouthwash for long. It gives a quick freshness to the mouth. The rich ingredient like neem, miswak and pomegranate are good for oral hygiene. Miswalk reduces gum inflammation, gum bleeding, and strengthens gums. Pomegranate helps to combat dental plaque, Neem has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This is so travel-friendly and never let you down when you want to refresh your mouth and when you have no time to brush your teeth. This comes in a less pricey range and available in many of the shops. I like the fragrance of this mouth was. Since it is very mild and herbal there is no fear of side effects. Bad breath is always a turn-off and so I always have this in my handbag when I have rushed for a meeting to attend in the office and it also gives you confidence. The protection it gives is a long-lasting effect for close to 6 hours..

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