D’Free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion Reviews

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1 year ago

nice one


Mess-free application

Easy to wash away

My cousin has lots of dandruff issues and she was too much worried about her hair fall also. Then came this awesome D'Free Overnight Anti Dandruff Lotion. She says it really helped to reduce the hair problem. But this lotion eliminated exciting dandruff from recurring. It is an affordable lotion and availability might be an issue. Se just applies this on to her scalp and leaves it overnight. It has a strong odor, which I dint like much. Through it only, remove dandruff only leaving the scalp healthy. It good combination makes dandruff gone in the very first use of it. The product is easy to use due to the convenient bi=bottle with the nozzle. Even if you leave it overnight also doesn't stain your pillow, it is a mess-free solution. It doesn't cause the hair fall issue. It is a thick consistency texture and it is a bit sticky to the scalp also. It cannot be used regularly as it contains Parabens and other chemicals..

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