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2 years ago

Great product


Enriched with herbal ingredients

Nourishes and hydrates eyes

Promotes lash growth

Soothes tired eyes


Easy to use


First let's talk about its packaging it's very cute and nice tiny packaging which looks great and travel friendly also it can be carried anywhere now just talk about the product this Himalaya Herbals natural Kajal claims to be hundred percent natural and yeah it is it doesn't contain any harmful Chemicals or hard thing to your eyes enriched with herbal ingredients cools down and choose your eyes doesn't have any strong smell but you are one thing it is not waterproof or anything because it is chemical free so it spreads and Smudeges so that it doesn't last long you you have to use it again and again in a full day but there is a plus point of it in comparison of all those chemical allotted cosmetic kajals which are harmful and can be allergic to our sensitive eyes it is known analgesic and contents natural ingredients so it is OK we can correct this much and redness and the best part of this Kajal that it is very very affordable tiny pack of this Kajal comes in 50 rupees only which is create a herbal natural Kajal in a reasonable price and a beautiful travel friendly packaging is it to use what else we needed just go for it guys it is the best ever Himalaya product I have ever used just go for it and one thing do not use Kajal if it doesn't required and specially do not use those chemically loaded cosmetic kajals regularly they will harm your eyes badly this product is ok like it a lot

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