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2 years ago

Ok product


Fights dryness

Protects hair from wear and tear

Moisturizes and nourishes hair

Prevents breakage


This product claims to be dryness caring and yes it is it makes your hair smooth Shiny and as well as manageable and great for you if you are suffering from frizzy or dull hair which are non manageable then you should try this but one thing it is filled with Chemicals badly and it is not working at all for hair fall or any other hair problems it will just smoothen your hair with its Chemicals and nothing and also it doesn't have any long lasting results results remain until you are using this product after that you will suffer the same problem this is a bad thing yes it is an affordable and reasonable product this is a good thing but it is not totally create for your hair not totally chemical free so just use this once or twice a week not use regularly and it is great if you massage with any natural oil gift for using the shampoo so it will harm your hair lesser all product if if you are ok with it Chemicals you can try it for dry frizzy hair I am not totally satisfied with it but I can say it is a good product for dry hair

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