Nivea Total Face Cleanup Face Wash Reviews

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Avg Ratings : 4.3


2 years ago

Little bit drying


Makes skin clean and clear

Antibacterial formulation

Imparts instant glow

Unique blend of face wash, scrub, and face pack

As I have oily skin ... I feel it little bit drying on my face ...and it is formulated with lots of chemical so I never leave it on my face for 3 mins ....I just lather up it and wash my face for 1 mint .....lathers well...mild fragnace....small particles are are also present in it for scrubbing claims to reduce spots but I didn't observe it...after each wash it gives u a clean and clear face with little glow and dryness ....I think it is good for oily skin but not for oily and acne prone skin

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