VLCC Clear Tan Fruit Face Pack Reviews

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2 years ago

Consistency too thick




Softens skin

Brightens skin


Can be used all over the body

I get tanned really easily because most of the days i forget to wear sun protection. This fruit pack clear tan comes in a orange coloured tube with a screw cap. The tube has a hole which gives out the product so the packaging is quite hygenic. The facepack has a strong herbal fragrance which is a little bothering to me. The formula is thick and creamy and can get dried if you dont use it for long. The colour of it is off white. You can first cleanse your skin and then wet it a little bit and then apply this and wait for around 10-15 minutes. Remove it and then you can see your results. Your skin feels soft and smooth after it and feels so polished. But as for the tan removal there is little difference only. It takes around 6-7 usage to remove fresh tan and doesnt work on severe tan. The only drawback is the thick consistency which is not easy to work with.

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