Lacto Calamine Oil Balance Face Wash Reviews

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2 years ago

Gentle yet effective face wash


Absorbs oil

Maintains the essential oil level on your face

Gentle formula

Creamy texture

Very affordable

This face wash from Lacto Calamine is a very good option to buy if your concern is to control excess oil and get rid of that oily shine from your face. The product comes in a white tube packaging with a flip open cap. I don't know if it is only with my tube or all but the cap doesn't shut securely. So I don't recommend to take this tube along unless you want to clean the gooey mess in your hand bag afterwards. The consistency is cream like and is very smooth. Feels so much gentle on face hence, even while you suffer from breakouts you can use this without concerning the spread of acne or pimples. It has a refreshing smell, much like the typical Lacto Calamine fragrance that is very soothing and not overpowering at all. Though this face wash is especially curated for oily skin, combination skin people can also use to control face oil during summer. It does a pretty good job in maintaining oil balance with its three way action. The main ingredients include Kaolin, Glycerine and Neem. Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil while maintaining the face's natural oils. Glycerin locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. Neem with its antibacterial properties, prevents the acne and pimples from spreading and recurring. This face wash retails 80/- INR for 50gms, making it a very affordable product to include in your daily skin care regime.

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