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2 years ago

Better than original pears soap variant


Oil-clear formula

Controls sebum production


Doesn't leave oily shine

Deeply cleanses the skin

This soap variant from Pears is far more better than the original orange colored variant. It comes in the same cardboard box packaging as all other Pears soaps. The sea green color of this soap adds an aesthetic feel when it sits on the basin. The smell is very mild, much similar to other Pears soaps and not very fragrant. Though the smell lingers on for sometime on hands. It claims to contain 98% glycerin, hence the soap is transparent. The active ingredient is Lemon flower extracts. This soap is especially curated for oily and dull skin. After using it, the skin feels deeply cleansed and light. The lemon flower extracts prevent excess oil production and remove any pimple causing germs. Glycerin locks in skin's natural moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. Whenever using this soap, for bath or on face, make sure to use a good moisturizer afterwards.

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