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2 years ago

Avon naturals lip balm


Available in different flavors

Moisturizes and nourishes lips

Convenient packaging


Contains sunscreen

Lovely fragrance

Gives perfect color to your lips

I would highly recommend this product as I have been using this since i was in 9 standard and now I am a graduate. I have used maybelline baby lips, nivea, oriflame and again and again I used to come back to this. Firstly, the thing that attracts me the most is that it contains sunscreen which is really really good. Secondly it gives you the perfect color neither too dark pink nor too light which doesn't looks like you have applied a lipstick but yet gives you a shiny look and if you will keep on using it ( i am here talking about the strawberry one, i habe also used the cherry one which is also very nice but it has a darker maroon color) , it will definitely heal your chaped lips and will help in making them pink. It has lovely fragrance. It leaves your lips soft and supple but you have to keep on reapplying it because it fades away when you eat something or even after an hour or two. It retails for Rs. 200 but you can get it on offer for Rs.100 at buy one get one. I would definitely say that everyone should buy it, it lasts for about 9-10 or even more months which is a really good buy. The only con is that you have to keep reapplying.

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