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12 months ago

Best Lip Balm


Best for dry lips.

Highly nourishing.

Affordable .


Cruelty free.

Paraben free.

Certified Lip balm from ECOCERT

In our daily activity, we forget to hydrate their lips. We doesn't gave any attention to our lips. In short we ignore our lips but actually lips also admit in our beauty. But don't worry guys we aren't getting late because these lip balm gave a chance to me. These lip balm help to hydrate their lips. This comes in small pot packaging which you can easily keep in your bag for on the go use. There is 10gm of product in it which I think is pretty generous. Secondly it is transparent in color, smooth in consistency & was tingly and the effect is wow. For a nude lips or a no makeup look this one is perfect! . . . The moisturising effect is amazing, and the taste, the feel, the smell everything is straight from heaven! The ingredients are so natural and effective. Use regular for a softer lips But its little waxy but good work for me Yes I recommend you 💯% .

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