Nivea Total Face Cleanup Face Wash Reviews

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2 years ago

Amazing product. Total cleanup in seconds


Makes skin clean and clear

Unique blend of face wash, scrub, and face pack

Nivea Total Face Cleanup is an amazing innovative product which solves your face issues in no time, best suited for summer. It was when I had moved to a new city and my skin had new needs because of stress and pollution. I was looking for the best scrub around. I was not yet introduced to face pack. And then I saw this product on an online grocery app. I spent no time in deciding to use this product and not need to have to look for anything more. This is an amazing daily use product specially meant for people with busy lives who want a good day everyday. And face scrub is inconvenient everyday. Face pack is less frequent that once a month for most people. This unique combination brings the benefits of all three in a tube. You feel fresh after applying this. The only con could be minimum availability of the product.

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