Philips HP8602/00 Hair Curler Reviews

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2 years ago

Hello, Beautiful and voluminous curls


Ceramic coating

Cool tip to hold

1.8 m cord

Automatic shut-off

Minimized hair damage

Gives Volume

About the product: It is an amazing product(self care appliance) from PHILIPS. It is electrically powered and the length of the cord/wire is decent enough. Not a heavyweight product. I am a dedicated user of Philips products and I just love them. Their quality is the best. This product from Philips is my recent buy and already in love with it. It gives me voluminous and wavy curls. It is very easy to use. It heats up fast and requires 4-7 seconds of application at once. It provides a stand like structure to keep it on any surface without harming it. My recommendations: Do buy it. It is one of the best quality curlers available in the market.

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