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Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar is a mild soap for sensitive skin. It is formulated with the goodness of milk cream that creates the perfect balance between protection and care. It cleanses your skin thoroughly by getting rid of germs and dirt without being harsh. It is gentle on sensitive skin and harsh on impurities and bacteria. This soap is excellent for everyday use.

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Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar – trusted brand Anitha approves this product
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Suitable for sensitive skin

Lifebuoy Care Soap Bar is a mild soap which can give 100% protection against germs. It has a unique active natural shield for anti germ protection. Gives you instant freshness and does not dry away your skin. It has the goodness milk cream, the soap in itself is white in colour. This soap suits all skin types, if you have sensitive skin then you need a balance of protection and care at the same time. They have used a special formula in Lifebuoy Mild Care Bar Soap that contains the goodness of milk cream which will leave your skin soft and smooth. The advanced formula is designed to fight against harmful germs while being mild on delicate skin and keeping it healthy. Lifebuoy is existing from many decades and has a tremendous consumer profile. They are the most trust worthy and dependable brand in the Indian market. Lifebuoy soaps are long lasting, mild and are very reasonable. These are just the few reasons why they have captured the market for a very long time. Lifebuoy advertisements are very motivational and there reach is great. They have tremendous Goodwill in the Industry. Currently they are having enormous range of soaps, hand washes,sanitizors etc to spread a word about the importance of good hand washing habits around the whole world. They are focusing on teaching young children, people about cleanliness and develop good health. Lifebuoy is approved by the Royal Society for Public Health, London for promoting hygiene education efforts in respect to washing hands with soap as a prevention measure against many harmful diseases. The key factor now is Lifebuoy supports the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan started by our Prime minister through the Hindustan Unilever initiative of Swachh Aadat, Swachh Bharat .Its an affordable product easily available in stores and online, A very good buy. Children would love the mild fragrance of this soap.

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