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1 year ago

Colorbar Ultimate Eyeliner





Precise application

Easy to use

Glides smoothly

Great pigmentation



Colorbar is an ultimate sketch pen for your eyes, first things first it is so easy to use that you can be creative with your eye looks. This eyeliner is highly pigmented and gives you a thick and neat finish. This eyeliner is water proof and transfer proof. It can stay upto 12 hours. I have tried this during day and stay well through the day without any smudging problem. it is easy to apply, gives precise application. The pen has a affine tip that glides smoothly giving sharp definition. This product is paraben -free, formaldehyde-free too. It is one of the brand which offers affordable products with high quality. As in my opinion I like this eyeliner as it is very flexible to use. It gives a matte finish and glides through. These eyeliner is available is 5 shades which can effortlessly make you look gorgeous It can feel like drying up after 4 to 5 hours. but that doesn't make it look bad at all, This is suitable for all age groups. Its deep black in colour and you can draw the lines smoothly. The packaging is also pretty compact and sleek. The cap fits tightly, easy to carry in your hand bag. The pen looks quite classy too. One thing to get the best out of the product is to store it horizontally not vertically, you might dry out the tip if kept vertically. It's not completely water proof, I found it smudging a bit. Iam not sure how long the ink will stay on the eyeliner as of now so cannot comment on the quantity. Over all I like the flexibility and ease in this product, certainly black colour is the most used in eyeliner hence beginners will love this product. It dried up fast as it not liquid.

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