Bioderma Photoderm Max Cream SPF 50 Reviews

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2 years ago

Bioderma Photoderm Max Cream protection against sun damage


Non- comedogenic


Easy to use



Offers UVA/UVB protection

Prevents sunburn and tanning

Excellent tolerance

This is an ultimate sunscreen cream which is dermatologic ally approved,ThSPF value is really hogh as compered to other creams. It is enriched with SPF 50+.Ensures high protection to your skin Bioderma Photoderm MAX Cream gives maximum photo protection for normal skin to dry skin. This cream performs well with maximum anti-UVB and high anti-UVA. Bioderma Max Cream will guarantee optimum protection against sunburn and premature ageing. They have patented Cellular BIO protection formulation .This formula provides effective shield the skin against risks because of cell damage. The creamy texture is very absorbent to skin it just blends with your complexion. It is purely colourless when applied on your skin, It doesnt leave any trace of white marks or patches or a greasy film. The process to use is same as a sunscreen ,apply Photoderm MAX Cream generously before you step out in the sun, and reapply if required. This cream is water-resistant, photo stable and fragrance-free too. Photoderm MAX ensures excellent tolerance to sun exposure. Now coming to the price it might seems a little higher than the other sunscreens in the market, however this cream is not like the others it has an SPF of 50+.non greasy, it doesn't leave any patches, gets absorbed into your skin and provides a very an effective shield against the sun. This cream will be very effective in high temperature and will help protecting your skin from sun damage. I have not felt any irritation or faced any acne issues after using this sunscreen. I had bad sun burn last year had to visit dermatologist and was prescribed Bioderma photoderm cream after a month of using the sunscreen, I could see the changes in my skin. Now I continue to use the same while I step out. I have a positive review about this cream and would suggest to buy the same.

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