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1 year ago

Kaytra Hair Pack Box full of goodness


100% natural ingredients

Nourishes hair

Improves blood circulation

Strengthens hair

Adds volume and bounce

Stimulates hair growth


Convenient packaging

Kaytra hair pack is a deep conditioning hair pack that can restore natural shine and nourish your hair inside and outside. They claim it to be 100% natural and rich in essential nutrients. It help in hydrating and gives shine to hair. This brand is launched by Ambika Pillai who is a celebrated hair and makeup artist and AVA group. They have in collaboration introduced natural hair and skin care products under the brand name Kaytra. It is 100% natural hair pack which helps in deep conditioning and strengthens hair from root. This is a 400gm box which has 200gms of 2 sachets. This mask also gives protection to coloured hair. Instructions on using the hair pack is also given on the pack, you will have to mix the substance with water or curd or egg and make it into paste not too runny. (The mix can cas be prepared considering your hair length) mix all the ingredients well and apply thoroughly on scalp. Wrap a thin warm towel around your head for 30 mins to 1 hour. wash your hair with a suitable cleanser. you can certainly feel the difference. the packet itself will give you more than 3 washes if you have medium length hair. This pack can be used once or twice in a month. As compared to other fancy hair care products this hair pack is really been priced affordable. The pack is filled with 10 natural herbs like Nimbo,tulsi,bhrami,bringraj etc are excellent source of strength and nourishes your scalp. The packaging is amazing in an re usable box which is environment friendly. This application can repair your split ends and makes your hair strong from roots. This pack will give your hair a bouncy, glossy and healthier look. It is a box full of goodness with natural herbs that can repair and give life to your scalp and hair.

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