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2 years ago

Aroma Magic Bridal Glow Facial Kit





Makes skin radiant

Removes tan

This Facial kit is from Blossom Kocharr, this is a 7 steps facial kit which can give you glow like a bride. This a a salon range facial kit which can enhance natural glow, imparts dazzling radiance to your skin, revitalizes from inside. This is suitable for ages of women, also safe on all skin types. The unique formula and ingredients works effectively to remove damage, pollutants and impurities due to the exposure of skin to sun and pollution. This kit is equally good as other n-big brands in the market. No coming to e packaging this Kit comes in a very attractive metallic pink shade. It have 7 different packs in side which also include a skin serum (in glass bottle) first you can clean your face with the cleanser, it is a gel consistency a little runny, has a beautiful rose and aloe vera fragrance, massaging the same for 5-7 minutes cleanse up your skin and the you can follow it up with Protein bleach and AHA gel. you can mix both the ingredients and apply to your skin. leave the same for at least 15 mins.The bleach will dim the spots and increases the complexion. Next the skin serum is watery and not easy to handle, it comes in a glass disposable small bottle. You get a tingling feeling after the application. Next the oxygenation gel, gently massage with fingers and you can feel the blood circulation happening, there is a nice glow. Next the face pack is creamy white in colour, apply the face pack and relax for another 15 minutes. The last packet is sunscreen it is thick and creamy. Start massaging slowly, it will penetrate into your skin and get absorbed. Over all Salon like facial at home by savings a lot o your time.

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