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Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine is an absolutely easy tool to brighten up your eye makeup. This next-level eye glimmer provides more shine than a regular eyeshadow. It also gives a high shine and glossy look to your eyes. It glides effortlessly on the lids, providing a buildable polish to the eyes. Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine can be wore alone or on top of an eyeshadow for a dramatic look. From highlighting to defining, this eyeshine, equipped with a silicone applicator, can be used to create a number of eye makeup looks. Four beautiful palettes of Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine are named after the Italian cities - Milan, Rome, Florence, and Naples.

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Shinier than an eyeshadow

Pretty shades

Shimmering effect

Free from paraben

Well-pigmented shades

Stylish packaging

Milani Fierce is an absolute tool for brightening up your eye makeup. The packaging is something that will first attract you, It comes in golden box with four shiny beautiful colour palettes. I bought the box which has the basic shades that we use more often Golden, copper, rose gold , brown. They all look gorgeous and super attractive. The price is Rs1675 for four shimmering shades, these are the shades which are used mostly and the quantity is good and will last for a long time. these are very neutral tone which can go with all occasions. This is as compared other products affordable. Now when it comes to the consistency it is buttery and smooth, its a little difficult to apply on the eyelashes. This product gives more shine than other eye shadows. Eye shadows are not so shimmery as these eye shine. They do not blend well. When worn alone without any The applicator's tip is plastic and doesn't serve the purpose at all. the texture of the eye shadow is wet and more creamy and have glossy effect. They have super pigmentation. These can easily crease and spread off. After few hours the eye shine just spreads and vanishes. It looks like I have not used eye shadow at all. I just creased and came off. The applicator is useless because its hard and its doesn't spread the eye shine evenly. Milan and Florence are very similar shades. The eye shine cake is very creamy and soft you will have to apply them on the corners of your eyes and use fingers to spread them over. some shades look patchy too. There are four different tones Milan,Rome,Florance,Venice. The shades looks really attractive because of the packaging and shimmer. This is a eye shine and not an eye shadow. The creamy consistency is difficult to apply with the rubber applicator.

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