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1 year ago

Natural herbs


Strengthening immunity

Improves physical stamina

Patanjali Musli Pak is an Ayurvedic powder formulation that need to be consumed with warm milk or water. It has the goodness of more the 20 herbs. Musli Pak in very good in treating diabetes, strengthening muscles, can reduce joint pain, has anti inflammatory properties and so on. It is better to speak to a physician before consuming the pak. My friend who was feeling very week and had fatigue issue did not want to use Allopath medicines as she is scared of side effects on her body. Patanjali products are herbal based and free form side effects. Once she bought the bottle of Musli Pak but felt very difficult to consume the churna, as it has a strong smell and the taste was not pleasant. She started to take the musli again after a week now and is getting used to the taste. There is not much improvement as of now, but her body is getting used to the herbs. she has decided to continue to use the musli pak for a month. This can also be used by Men to increase stamina and for overall health improvement.

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