Himalaya Quista Pro Advanced Whey Protein Powder Reviews

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2 years ago

Quista Pro


Herbal ingredients

Balanced blend of High-Quality Proteins

Rich in Vitamins, Minerals

Enriched in Taurine, Calcium

My elder brother is very lean and wanted to gain weight and muscles.I am a loyal consumer of Himalaya products. When I came across the Himalaya Quista Pro went through internet to find a lot of reviews on it.There has been a mixed response on this product as it will be slow and you have to follow a proper diet and exercise routine. The main reason is that Himalaya has prepared the Protein powder with the combination of herbal ingredients like Ashvagandha, Hadjod, and Pomegranate blending with the high-quality proteins and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, taurine, and calcium. So I bought the chocolate flavored protein powder in the smaller sized pack for him to try first. He is been consuming 2 scoops with a glass of milk daily before his workout session. The weight gain is a slow process a hence no comments on that. As of now he feels energetic and they are no side effects. There are so many similar products in the market only difference is that Himalaya is known for its natural formulations.

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