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Avg Ratings : 3.6


1 year ago

Not as good as others


My brother got homme styling wax as a Christmas gift in a game that he won at his office. He has used more than 3 times now. This wax is not great is setting a style. It is quite thick in texture and almost the wax sticks in your fingers. It is not very easy The wax does a very average job in styling. Even if the texture was creamy it would have been good but wax makes the texture of your hair just pathetic and locks their natural flow. There is no shine while it makes your hair look really dull. I would use a gel or a hair cream instead of the wax, It is expensive but the not worth buying, other brands have offered some simple and nice products that is pretty simple to use and great for styling. There is no moist, or even look in his styling. He is not using the wax anymore now. It is difficult to remove the wax too. The process of washing and rinsing takes long. Makes the hair look stiff and shine less.

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