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Calvin Klein Eternity Now Eau De Parfum is a great fragrance for women. It comes packaged in a transparent glass bottle with a silver cap and looks truly classy. It opens to a nice peach outburst, which later settles down to a musky and floral fragrance. When it comes to longevity, this perfume is great. It stays on for a long time even if you sweat a lot.

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Beautiful Packing

Long Lasting Fragrance

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Perfumes are my favorite that I have always loved the Calvin Klein perfumes. As they are classy, the fragrance is amazing which stay longer than your ever expect. Now coming to this product yes the quality is good, no compromise on it at all. Most of the girls love the fragrance; it is good on hot day too. When it comes to the fragrance of their perfume I can definitely say that it defines your personality and your status and even decides where you stand in the group. I will definitely recommend this product as it has a beautiful captivating fragrance and long-lasting quality. Even after a lot of sweating you will still feel the fragrance lingering around yourself. It is an expensive product but that what the classy products are to be charged at. I got this as a gift in my birthday from very close aunt. It is a thumps up for the perfume. The packaging and the perfume bottle is outstanding, I always store the perfume in the carton box provided this way the light does not enter the bottle directly.

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