Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain Lip Gloss Reviews

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1 year ago

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Hydrates lips


Nice packaging

It is an average product according to me, The lip gloss stays for 2-3 hours if I haven't drank or eaten during that time. It can give a good coverage to lip but it is lightly pigmented. I bought the lip gloss at a stores since the color the display had a wide range and was attractive. The texture is smooth like any other lip gloss. The lip gloss is sturdy, can be carried. The applicator is very convenient to use, the Doe-foot applicator gives a perfect and precise finish to my lips. Its handy to use and vibrant shades. You will get a immediate moisturization. I like the classic pink shade and looks lovely during summers.I am not fond of the fragrance. Pros Provides good coverage to lips. Gives glossy wet color. Ultra light creamy lip stain. Rich in vitamin E and aloe. Cons Not in stock online Expensive Nothing different Doesn't smell pleasant

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