L.A. Girl Shady Slim Brow Pencil Reviews

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1 year ago

Good One



Easy to use

Wide shade range

Who does not like to have thicker and well shaped eyebrows ? So I was looking for brow pencil that can be used conveniently without a fuss. So here we are with the LA girl shady slim brow pencil. true to its name its very slim and has the pencil on side and a sppolie brush to shape the brows on the other side. This slim brow pencil gives me a perfect way to get fuller and thicker eye brow. It is very use friendly and quick to use. I carry it my office and use it before I start my day. The brush on the other side of the pencil blends the brow color and gives a natural finished look. I have purchased the pencil online and very satisfied with the way it works. Pros Brow pencil beautifully sculpts eye brow. Travel friendly. User friendly shape. Spoolie Brush is very creative. Price is reasonable. The pencil lasts long. Fills the eyebrow perfectly.

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