The Body Shop Moringa Eau De Toilette Reviews

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1 year ago

The Body Shop Moringa Eau De Toilette


Mild and impressive


Environment friendly

Floral smell

When you are out of budget and still want to buy an excellent scent to lift your mood up this is a perfect buy. The body shop has some awesome products that are very much affordable and are of good quality. I went out to a mall for window shopping and I never miss to check The Body shop store for their new product launches. The perfume section is off course any once favorite. I did a trial of their Moringa scent. It had an amazing fragrance that was mild yet impressive, very famine as for me. Mogra flowers have a deep intense smell and I could relate to them easily. Though the bottle does not look very fancy however the scent is too good. It has a mixture of fragrance from Mogra and sugarcane. The small bottle is transparent, has a silver cap to cover. I have been using the scent during the day and very happy with its performance. The scent stays all day long and makes me feel refreshed. I will certainly refer to this scent for anyone who loves Mogra flower.

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